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Two Case Studies 14 Years Apart‏


In 1996 whilst studying Reflexology under a local reflexologist I started treating my father who was 74 years old.

He could walk round our village both morning and afternoon with the aid of his stick but he could not climb stairs. To take him to bed at night whilist staying at ours we used to get behind him and push him up the stairs.

He had attended the hospital, had had his knee's drained and had been told "Theres nothing for it, you'll have to have two replacement knees if you want to climb stairs again"

I started treating him on his visit to ours and on our trips to Norwich (Where he lived)

At the end of about 7 months (about 35 treatments) Dad was staying at ours and he called us into the hall one Saturday morning and said "What do you think of this?" he then put his walking stick over his shoulder and walked up the stairs without touching the bannister. He then turned round at the top and proceeded to walk down the same way. "What should I do about the operations" he said. He never did have them. From then on he was able to climb stairs with ease. He now lives with us. He's 89 next month. He dosen't climb our narrow stairs but he's pretty good. He still has treatments about once a month.

I qualified at the Bayly School in 2001 and my occupation is reflexologist/reiki practitioner, full time 24/7.

Earlier this year I was in a clients house when her Grand daughter turned up. She was 21 years old and in a wheel chair. 9 years previous she was involved in a car accident when her spine was stretched and she was paralysed with no feeling below her chest except for minor sensations on her shins. She had steel rods inserted in her back. She was interested in what I was doing.

I did a short hand treatment on her for 25 minutes. The feedback that i got when I worked on her thumb (Spine Reflexs) to her damaged back was incredible showing it was very far out of balance. The treatment proceedure went along normal lines but concentrating on her spine and Nervous system. At the end of the treatment i asked her how she felt, she replied "Very relaxed" I said "Anything else?, She replied "For the first time since the accident I could feel my elbows resting on my hips and I felt sensations in my stomach" This young women came from the south of England (Many miles from me) and I told her how to get hold of reflexologists. Whether she has done this, I do not know but I havent seen her since then.

My question to you reflexologists is "HOW FAR CAN REFLEXOLOGY GO???????????"

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